complete roll spindles

Roll Manufacturing

We are equipped with all means for the design and complete manufacturing of Roll spindles, in particular:

  • An Engineering Department perfectly integrated into the Company Quality System
  • A Mechanical Processing Department manned by experienced Personnel
  • A set of heavy duty machinery with high production capacity and accuracy

We manufacture roll spindles for well known machine manufacturers, on the basis of their drawings and /or directly for the end-users, availing of our manufacturing and design programmes.

Our wide experience in serving the Paper Industry enables us to understand in depth the application and the requirements of the various types of rolls and to give the maximum care to the design and choice of raw materials and the realization of the end-products.


  • Computer aided 2D & 3D design & drawings
  • Calculation of mechanical stresses
  • Selection of the suitable raw materials
  • Optimization of the manufacturing design to the purpose of reducing the weight of the rolls and increase the operation speed.
  • Check of the deflection curves of the roll for crown calculation

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