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In an effort to serve the Paper Industry with latest technologies of the World, AMAR Elastomers stepped ahead for a technical collaboration with SAMCO INC. USA in 2005.

Since, then the company has delivered high profile, rubber roll covers for high speed and increased nip load presses of Paper machines. The results have extend the life of rolls and improvement in paper quality, which save break-down time of the machine resulting in better quality and higher production.

The Amar Elastomer’s have advanced casting machining, rubber covering, ceramic covering, grinding with automatic crowning and balancing facilities. The manufacturing facilities installed in the plant in-house include complete manufacturing of the steel shells. Pressure coating of rubber on steel shells by automatic strip builder system, Vulcanizing, Grinding, Crowning, Dynamic balancing facilities. We are capable to Handle/Machining up to 40 Tons weight, 1500 mm. in Diameter and 10 Meters in length job capacity.

Better quality, total quality management (TQM) lab. testing of each and every batch combined with research & development department , the innovative computer aided design technologies and specific formulations are the main foundation parameters of the company governing the overall growth mile stones.

The industrial philosophy of the Amar company is based on doing excellence in the Rolls industry based on a constant quality uplift ,matching with the latest world standards and based on imported chemicals that itself means careful selection of raw materials, processes executed with state-of-the-art technical equipments.

The renowned paper mills of India (having high speed machines & bigger deckles) and consolidated supplier’s to well known Paper / groups shared the success of the company from time-to-time

The sincere views of Mr. M.P. Singal, Managing Director, we quote :

“For us at AMAR Elastomers consistent
improvement of work culture, technology
up-gradation and customer satisfaction,
remain leading parameters of our quality policy.”

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We drive value creation and growth for our clients through setting the right solutions & strategy, performance monitoring, improvement, and reporting.

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We look to build a long-term relationship with our clients, we are far more than a supplier and we are a true catalst for positive and meaningful change.

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