jumbo press rolls

“AMAR” specialises in jumbo press rolls as we have complete integrated plant for manufacturing the whole new roll from the iron scrap. It includes:-

  • Centrifugally casted graded C.I. Pipes:-
    We use our own centrifugally casted pipes. We completely machine the pipe o.d. as well as i.d. for getting a balanced and a uniform thickness pipe.
  • Cast steel journals:-
    We use cast steel journals (EN19/EN24) bolted with high tensile bolts for longer life. We completely grind bearing seats and coupling sizes to attain 85% + guaranteed blue matching
  • Dwell press rubber covering:-
    We have designed our elastomers to take out maximum moisture of the paper web, to provide uniform dewatering with wider nip.
    Hardness: 90-98 deg. Shore A
    Cover thickness: 19-25 mm
    Temprature resistency: 250 deg. F
    Max Nip load:upto 300 kg per linear cm
  • Blind drilling:
    The rolls are drilled using a sophisticated high speed european make multi spindle drilling machine equipped with cnc controls which help us in ensuring proper drilling depths and accurate patterns.

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