Suction Roll Shells


“AMAR” uses centrifugally casted stainless steel pipes for manufacturing of suction shell of different grades i.e. deplex/SS 304/SS 410.

Material with high content of chromium and nickle, and often molybdenum offers good resistance to localized and uniform corrosion

The stainless steel microstructure contributes to the high crack resistance caused by stress corrosion. The high yield stress of stainless steel also implies high fatigue strength

We evaluate drilling patterns of the suction shells to avoid jeopardize the mechanical resistance, eliminate shadow marking, improve dewatering and reduce noise level.


The Shell is drilled by the gun-drilling process on high speed European fully CNC machine, which results in significant improvement in the surface finish of the holes and accurate patterns.

Gun drilling is the most reliable and precise technology for drilling of new stainless steel suction shells: in particular it is the only technology able to grant a superior drilling quality for high thickness suction shells, in our case until 100 mm wall thickness. The quality of drilling, especially for suction shells subject to severe operating conditions, does not only translate into a geometrical or visual factor, but is of paramount importance for the stability of the shell and to ensure the absence of defects which might jeopardize the integrity of the shell itself over time.

The main distinctive features of gun-drilling are:

  • Internal forced lubrication through the drilling tools
  • Use of highly wear-resistant cutting tips
  • Extreme precision of tool guiding and feed
  • Controlled working temperature
  • Continuous monitoring of every single drilling tool

Supply limits

Diameter Length
Up To 1200 mm 5000 mm

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