The manufacturing of rubber coverings for rolls dates back to 1978. Then, in 2005 we acquired the know-how and machinery from a global leading Concern in the field of rubber compounds and rubber-made end products with a pluriennial experience in the rubber covering of rolls. At the same time, we implemented our own Research and Development Service with the target of constantly upgrading the technological properties of the covers to respond to the growing requirements of the paper industry

The current product portfolio of our company enables to cover most of the rolls and cylinders installed in the different paper machines. Our long experience in the field of roll grinding and mechanical reconditioning efficiently integrates the scope of supply.

We through our technology resources carry out a continuous update and implementation of our product range so to respond to the more and more demanding performance requirements of the coverings. The integration with the other roll service activities offered by us completes our capabilities for renewal and refurbishing of rolls in all their parts.


  • Outside diameter: 1,800 mm
  • Total length ( including journals): 10,000 mm
  • Max. weight: 40 ton

Rolls we cover-

Wire Section

  • Wire drive rolls
  • Couch rolls
  • Lump breaker rolls
  • Wire guide rolls
  • Wire strecher rolls

Press Section

  • Center press rolls
  • Suction press rolls
  • Top press rolls
  • Bottom press rolls
  • Offset press rolls
  • Yankee press/touch rolls
  • Suction pickup/anti blow rolls
  • Jumbo Press rolls
  • Felt rolls

Size Press Rolls

  • Hard size press rolls
  • Soft size press rolls
  • In and out Chrome rolls

Film Press Rolls

  • Top film press rolls
  • Bottom film press rolls

Other Rolls

  • Backing rolls
  • Applicator rolls
  • Tambour rolls
  • Winder drums
  • Rider rolls
  • Paper guide rolls
  • Felt guide and strecher rolls
  • Dryer felt rolls
  • Dryer drive felt rolls
  • Pope drum

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