CERAMIC Coated Rolls

Running life of roll depends on several factors which have been addressed in the first time indigenously made `Amar Cera`. With Amar Cera`s Ceramic coatings, the centre press roll (Binip Press) runnability is noticeably improved because of better surface ingredients and physical properties which enhance the centre roll performance. Amar Cera`s distinct coating parameters also influence the water film characteristics formed in between the web and coating, forcing good sheet release. On the other hand, the physical properties of coating materials have a direct effect on the behavior of water on the coated surface (hydrophilic / hydrophobic) as well as its tendency to attract or repel binders, pigments, stickles, and other impurities. “Amar Cera” coatings can also becustomized with respect to its chemical composition for different rolls of paper mills.

Giving a presentation on the newly introduced Cermic coated press roll, Mr. R. K. Agarwal, CEO, Amar Elastomers said, "The Press section is the heart of the paper machine, and excellent roll cover performance in the press section is crucial. Therefore, coating materials and technologies are constantly being developed to meet the ever-increasing demands of paper-making process. Release of the paper web from the centre roll is one of the most important factor influencing the runablity of the press section and of the whole paper machine. Hence, the manufacturing technology and the raw materials used in making Ceramic Centre roll coatings are continuously under research in order to develop coating solutions with enhanced release properties. `Amar Cera` is a response to all the research done for improving the performance of press section, with an excellent outcome."

The most important parameters of the centre roll coating, viz. topagra-phy and the long term stability of the topography have been duly addressed in `Amar Cera`. The surface roughness of the coating is a combination of the macro roughness achieved in grinding and the micro roughness that is


up to 500-700 micron Dark Grey 0.7-1.0 micron 1200-1500 HVO.3 Less than 20 micron

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